`From Party Party To Poker Party & Gambling

You know gambling can be fun, really fun. Having a poker party can conjure up all sorts of incredible ideas. Of course just thinking about a party for any length of time, can really get the adrenaline going. We may be remembering back to when it was a regular ritual going out at weekends looking for some added excitement. At that time, we were the instinctive party Animal and we were always ready for one, ideally if we had a designated driver.

Back in the days of being wild & Crazy you would get to hear a buzz of someone having a party, whilst out already for the evening. The notion of moving from premises A to premises B, would be really no big deal plus thoughts of somewhere unfamiliar somehow seem to stir people, haven't you ever noticed? People at a party just love to act out their alter ego. And where better to practice!

Action is the name of the game or as the song goes bring the action. If you are at a party and you know nobody there, this can really be cool. Since nobody knows you, you can take on whatever kind of character that you want for the evening. Who shall I be tonight? You wonder, hmmm...let me think. Should I be like a James Bond type of character or maybe I could take on a Brett Maverick persona for the night, the choice is yours and you can be absolutely anyone. You care to be.

Having a poker party can also be a really fun event especially amongst our close buddies. Don't forget to have the cigars at the ready, whilst it is still legal in all the States! It is never recommended to go over the top with the food. This is a game for guys, let's keep it simple with pretzels and nuts. If you want to go a little crazy, get a jumbo pack of frozen burritos to throw into the microwave or of course your old dependable choice of pizza, no Jamie Oliver galloping gourmet talent required here, at the end of the day your guests will be more worried about their glasses running dry, so make sure you keep 'em topped!