Missouri Millionaire shares Plans with The Prize she Won

In the news, there is a tremendous congratulations being sent to a woman because she became a Missouri Millionaire. The name of the lady is Pat Roscher wherein she has been trying her lottery luck for over ten years. In the breezy night of April, the universe conspired to give her the luck she need that made her a Missouri Millionaire.

The lottery based in Pat's hometown announced that a 64 year old woman won the draw of April 12 after buying a ticket from QuikTrip located at the Pleasant Valley. The winning combination is 3, 9, 17, 17, 21 and 29. In an interview, Pat said that these numbers are representations of her family members' birthdays. Also, in an interview done by FOX 4, Pat is still in disbelief being a Missouri Millionaire.

Pat Roscher works as financial analyst for credit card company. The money she won that amounted to $1.25 million should be given as lump-sum. Some of her plans regarding the prize involve buying a new home with her partner for 18 years. Also, she added that the money is enough to clear bills, take a vacation in Hawaii that has been her dream destination for years and have an early retirement.

Lottery officials have it that the woman is the 225th player who won a jackpot and the 401st person to win in a Missouri Lottery game. Aside from the luck of this woman, the QuikTrip store will also get a prize amounting to $ 5,000 for selling a ticket that wins in the lotto.