KC Nightlife And The Street Curfews Of The 80's

Last time I was in good old KC was back in the mid-nineties. Being very much a workaholic at this time, I was pretty much chained to my home office desk, phone and ciggie to hand and full coffee mug at the ready, there was not really much opportunity to go out and party, as most people get older their perspective gets altered along the way. Well folks get married, have kids, the kids grow up, the kids leave home, the kids then have kids of their own, and so the merry cycle continues with Kansas City nightlife left to the younger ones to experience.

One thing I do remember, around the 80's or 90's was a curfew that they would enforce on minors to whereby they had to be off the streets by 11pm. Some laws are made but relaxed under certain circumstances, but I was surprised to see how on the odd evening that I did get out, how the police would enforce this law, and I have to say that I thought it was a really good way to get underage drinkers off the streets at night, where things are more likely to evolve into something more serious.

How is Kansas City nightlife doing these days? Well for me, I never considered it anything explosive or to write home about. I mean we are not talking Manhattan and studio 54 here, but none the less, local charm could be had if you knew where to go.

I never got to see any of the rough and tumble action like in the Roadhouse movie starring Patrick Swayzie where the action centered on this particular country night club, where free for all were the norm and the musicians lucky to get away with their instruments intact. No, it's time to leave the partying to the younger generation, after all even Rock stars have their sell by date, so no need to be ashamed of moving on, eh!